Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney Duties

Depending on the size of the municipality a prosecutor serves, job duties can vary. In larger offices, prosecuting attorneys may be assigned to specific areas of the law, such as traffic violations or juvenile offenses. In smaller offices, they may be responsible for all aspects of criminal prosecution.

Prosecuting attorneys begin a case by reviewing police reports and performing research. They may meet with witnesses or victims. They use their gathered information in court to present the case against the accused defendant. Prosecuting attorneys must follow cases through each stage of the judicial process and communicate with all involved parties. At times, this requires coordination with additional attorneys, the police and other professionals.

Additional Skills

Prosecuting attorneys must feel comfortable in courtrooms, so trial experience may be beneficial. They must also have an understanding of their communities’ needs and the motivations driving law breakers. Successful prosecution can lead to an individual’s loss of rights, and so a prosecuting attorney must use discretion, perform careful research and seek justice. This career also requires a sense of civic duty and fairness as well as strong analytical skills.

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Prosecuting Attorney

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