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Probate Court

Probate Court is a specialized type of court that deals with the property and debts of a person who has died. The basic role of the probate court judge is to assure that the deceased person’s creditors are paid, and that any remaining assets are distributed to the proper beneficiaries.

Probate is a legal procedure where a court oversees the distribution of property of a person who has died. Many states have a specialized probate court. In some states it is called by other names, such as Surrogate’s Court, Orphan’s Court or Chancery Court. The court appoints someone to take control of the deceased person’s assets, ensure that all debts are properly paid, and distribute the remaining property to the proper beneficiaries.

In some jurisdictions probate courts also handle other matters, such as guardian ships, trusts, and mental health issues (including the authority to order involuntary commitment to psychiatric facilities).


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