Jill C. Tollefson

Deputy Treasurer

Jill M. Beeler


2 S. Main St.
L’Anse, MI 49946
Phone: (906) 524-6100 Ext. 696
Fax: (906) 524-6432


Monday – Friday
8:00am – 3:30pm

Baraga County Treasurer

Treasurer Overview

The Treasurer is chief custodian of all funds received by the County. In relation to this responsibility, the Treasurer administers the provision of general property tax laws and is responsible for the collection and distribution of delinquent real tax levies. The Treasurer also has the added responsibility of:

  1. Custodianship and banking of funds;
  2. Investment of monies;
  3. Statutory supervision of all property taxes. During the current summer and winter collection periods, local treasurers act as agents of and are accountable to the County Treasurer during the March settlement for their collections and uncollected remainder;
  4. As agent for the County for the Tax Revolving Fund Distribution of the TRF permits 100 percent payment of real property delinquencies to levying units that participate in the summer and winter tax;
  5. Responsible for maintenance of all delinquent property records and assignment of fees leading up to foreclosure and public auction of property due to lack of tax payment;
  6. Accounting for and distributing penal fines;
  7. Administering the County’s hotel/motel accommodation tax ordinance;
  8. Providing a tax certification on all transfers of real property when the deed or other legal instrument contains a “Warrant and Defend” clause. A proper and legal description is required, and the transfer cannot be recorded without the Treasurer’s certification that taxes are paid;
  9. Settling MTT appeals, which includes refunds to taxpayers;
  10. Adjustments of tax dollars as ordered by local boards of review;
  11. Adjustments of denials or granting of homestead status as ordered by Michigan State Treasury;
  12. Under requirements of Proposal A, responsible for the collection of all state education taxes from taxing units and submitting them to the State;
  13. Collecting dog license fees;
  14. Conformance and reporting responsibilities with the State for compliance with Public Act 123 of 1999;
  15. Treasurer is the foreclosing governmental unit and handles the sale of foreclosed properties;
  16. Maintains debt service accounts for bonded indebtedness of the county.
  17. Maintains Cash Receipts of all funds within the General Ledger.
  18. Maintains the General Ledger for all funds of the County as Chief Financial Officer.

 The Treasurer is a member of the following boards, committees, and commissions:

  • Retirement Investment Committee; (ex-officio member)
  • County Plat Board;
  • County Apportionment Commission;
  • Election Commission;
  • Other Post Employment Benefits;
  • Land Bank Authority Chairperson.




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