As a peace officer:

The Sheriff is charged with enforcing the laws enacted by the legislature and is the primary officer responsible for the providing patrol and traffic services on the county primary and secondary roads. The Sheriff is an Officer of the Court with responsibility for execution of orders, judgments, and civil process as well as maintenance of security for the court. The Sheriff is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and operation of the County Jail and ancillary services.

As an elected official:

The Sheriff is directly responsible to the citizens of the county for the provisions of effective and acceptable law enforcement services, as well as the safe and effective operation of the jail. In the delivery of these services, the Sheriff works in cooperation with the County Board of Commissioners and other elected and county department heads to provide these services in the most efficient, cost effective manner.


Baraga County Sheriff Firearm Disposition

Per M.C.L. section 28.434a

Firearms Disposition

Sheriff’s Office and Correctional Facility



Joe Brogan


Daniel Perrault


Chad Soli
Fabian Kristo
Mike Griffin
Tom Randell

Correction Officers

Shelley Lloyd
John Gransell
Bruce Tangen
Nancy Kent
James Wishart
Jonathon Boever
Fabian Kristo
Caleb Scroggs
Kooper Jahfetson



Jeffrey Hubbard – Homeland Security Director

Jeffrey Hubbard – 911 Director



County Government

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Convention & Visitors Bureau

755 E. Broad Street
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Chamber of Commerce

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Economic Development

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