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Wendy J. Goodreau

Deputy Clerk

Carrie Forcia


Deputy Clerk

Nicole Frisk




2 S. Main St.
L’Anse, MI 49946
Phone: (906) 524-6100
Fax: (906) 524-6432


Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm


County Clerk  & Register of Deeds

The duties of the County Clerk are provided by Michigan Law, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Chief Election Official of the County
  • Clerk of the County Jury Board
  • Clerk of the County Board of Canvassers
  • Clerk of the County Board of Commissioners
  • Clerk of the County Apportionment Commission
  • Clerk of the County Election Commission
  • Vital Records Registrar
  • Maintenance of Public Records

Public records which must be maintained according to law, including those of births, deaths, marriages, concealed weapons permits, Notary Public, Assumed Names, Circuit Court files, and Minutes, Resolutions, and Contracts approved by the County Board.

CPL Application

  • Military Discharge Filing (DD214’s)
  • Genealogy
  • Naturalization
  • Personal Protection Orders

The Register of Deeds office maintains an index and copy of all recorded documents pertaining to property located within the county.

Records On File For Baraga County

  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Miscellaneous
  • Land Corners
  • Plats
  • Surveys

Recording Requirements are as follows:
1. MCLA 565.201 Sec. 1(a)(c): Signatures must be original; names must be typed or printed beneath signatures.

2. MCLA 565.201 Sec. 1(a)(b)(c): No discrepancy shall exist between names printed in the notary acknowledgment
and as printed beneath signatures.

3. MCLA 565.201 Sec. 1(d): The address of grantees in each deed of conveyance or assignment of real estate shall contain the street number address or post office address.

4. MCLA 565.201(a): The name and address of the person who drafted the document must appear on documents executed in Michigan.

5. MCLA 565.8 form: MCLA 565.265; 565.267: Documents purporting to convey or encumber real estate executed in Michigan require an acknowledgment by a judge, clerk of a court of record or a notary public within this state.

6. MCLA 565.48: A certified copy of the death certificate or proof of death must be recorded or have been recorded and referenced by Liber and Page or Document Number on said document when “survivor” is indicated on the document.

7. MCLA 565.401; 565.411: Court orders must be certified and sealed by the clerk of the court.

8. MCLA 565.201 Sec. 3, Sec. 1(f): The document must be: legible, black ink, type size 10 point, white 20 lb. paper, with a blank margin of 2” at top of first page and ½” on all other margins. First page must also have a single statement identifying the recordable event that the instrument evidences. Paper size must be minimally 8 ½” x 11” and not larger than 8 ½” x 14”.

9. MCLA 207.504; 207.525: Total value of real property must be stated on the face of the document or a real estate valuation affidavit must be attached.

10. MCLA 207.502; 207.511; MCLA 207.526; 207.533: Transfer tax shall be collected on the total value of the land being transferred unless exempt from either or both acts; the exemption(s) must be stated on the instrument.

11. MCLA 565.151; 565.154; 565.267: Date is required in acknowledgment.

12. MCL 565.201 Sec. 1(g): Unless state or federal law, court order or rule requires that all or more than 4 sequential digits of the social security number appear in the instrument, the first 5 digits of any social security number appearing in or on the instrument are obscured or removed.

Payments for Recording Fees, Filing Fees, and Copies

Payments to the Clerk can be made HERE

Payments to the Register of Deeds and can be made HERE



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