Tax Collection Schedule

Tax Due Dates

The following timeline describes in general terms the major deadlines involved in the foreclosure process:

July 1st summer taxes and December 1st winter taxes; property taxes billed by and due to the village or township Treasurer.

Taxes are delinquent:

If your current taxes are not paid by March 1st – unpaid current property taxes are forwarded to the County Treasurer for collection. A 4% administration fee, along with 1% per month interest, is added

On October 1 the County Treasurer adds a $15 fee to each parcel.

Property is forfeited:

March 1: Property is forfeited to county treasurer. County Treasurer adds a $235 fee. Interest increases from 1% per month to 1.5% per month, back to 1st prior year.

August 1: $45 fee is added. A personal visit is made to each property between August & September.

December 1: $50 fee is added. Property address and names of all parties of interest are published in local newspaper.

January 1: Show cause and Circuit court hearings are held. Judgement of foreclosure is entered. From the judgement date, property owners have until March 31st to pay the taxes.

Property is foreclosed:

April 1: Clear title to the property passes to the county.

August/September: Property is sold or transferred.

Foreclosure is final and property that has been foreclosed will be sold at public auction.

Michigan Public Land Auction

Online Property Tax Information


Follow the link below to search the internet services provided by BSA Software Internet Services to create an account. You can search property and land as well as assessing comparables, complete current tax information searches and delinquent tax searches.

Once there you can choose the county and you can create an account and research information on Baraga County Assessing, current tax information and delinquent tax information. Searches can be performed by Name, Address, or Parcel Number.


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