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Congratulations to Kristin Kahler! She won $350 for submitting the closest prediction of when the barrel went through the ice! Ice melt time was April 24, 2022 at 7:58 am. Be sure to enter your guess next year in the Baraga County Chamber of Commerce 2023 Ice Melt Contest!


Ice Melt Updates  – Courtesy of Indian Country Sports

3/29/22: There are a few cracks out there in the ice. Please use caution!!! By the Marina you will find Browns, Splake, Chochos and Perch Corner is seeing some action. Rivers are still pretty frozen but you may land a Rainbow in the Marina area. Lakers and nibbling in the Pumphouse area. Baraga side is still seeing Smelt and Burbots. Please use caution out there and don’t forget to enjoy what ice fishing is left (like you really need me to tell you to ENJOY).

3/16/22:  ICE MELT ENTRY CLOSED  Ice update:  Great ice and warm weather – can’t ask for better conditions than that.  Ice thickness is between 12 and 14 inches but use caution around and past Second Sand Beach.  Sandpoint Lighthouse reports Smelt with the Burbots hunting them in the evenings.  Big Reef reports tell of great fishing with 14 inches or more of ice and catches of Whitefish and Trout.  Thinner ice of about 12 inches is the report around the Falls River outlet.  So it looks like a successful week to be out there fishing –  ENJOY!  A big THANK YOU to the staff at Indian Country Sports.  Get a current update when you pick up your bait about where and what’s going on out there in the Bay.  Happy Fishing!  

3/9/22:  PLEASE REMEMBER ICE MELT ENTRIES ENDS MONDAY, MARCH 14th AT 6:00 PM so get your guesses in.   Not much is happening in the area around the Falls River as the warm water is not long running into the river.  Great fishing in the area of Sand Point Lighthouse and Pumphouse with Lake Trout and Whitefish.  Second Sands Beach and Whirl i Gig reporting great catches of  Lake Trout further up.  Be careful as this ice may not be sound.  Baraga Marine area still reporting Smelt which are being hunted by the Burbot.  So you may even catch the hunters – Burbots.  Good Luck to the fishermen in the Bella Vista Fishing Tournament.  Remember to ask the helpful staff at Indian Country Sports for further updates when picking up your bait.  Thanks again, Indian Country Sports for giving us the updates.  

3/2/22:  Whitefish and Lakers are in the deep waters off Pequaming, Whirl-I-Gig and the PumpHouse. Whitefish, Splake and Herring can be found off the playground and Marine area. Evening fishing off the Baraga side you will find Smelt. We need some warm sun or a little rain to pack the snow on the bay to make the fishing experience a little easier. Thank you Indian Country Sports for the updates. Happy fishing!!

2/16/22:  Head of the Bay has 10″ of ice, Pump House area 7-10″ and 7″ at the Marina.  Whitefish and Lake Trout are good catches this week. The Splake are there and looking NICE.  Chochos are beginning to run and you will find some Browns by the Marina and smelt are beginning to run at the Falls River. When picking up your bait, you can always ask the helpful crew at Indian County Sports about fishing and ice conditions.

2/9/22:  Fishermen are reporting great catches and plenty of ice. Just outside the marina you have 1 1/2 feet of ice. You will have 18 inches further down the Bay. Reports for ice thickness by the Pump House is about 10 inches.
Happy Fishing!

Thank you, Indian Country Sports for the updates!


2022 Baraga Ice Melt Contest

Guess when the Ice Melt barrel will fall through the ice of Keweenaw Bay and win 50% of the net ticket proceeds! 

Look for the barrel across from the Baraga State Park.

 1 Guess = $5

3 Guesses = $10

7 Guesses = $20

20 Guesses = $50

Ice Melt is the exact time the barrel’s clock is submerged into Keweenaw Bay.  The closest guess to the exact date and time determines the winner.  In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the earliest date of ticket purchase.  Winning ticket receives 50% of the net ticket proceeds.  In the event any unforeseen occurrence (malicious act, tampering, acts of nature, or other) makes it impossible to determine the exact time of Ice Melt, or if the barrel’s clock fails, all entries will be entered in a random drawing to determine the winning ticket.  All decisions of the Ice Melt committee are final.

Proceeds support the Baraga County Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you to the Village of Baraga crew for constructing and setting up the barrel.

What has happened in the past? 

History show us that on 2020 March 30th the melt hapened at 14:27:10.

Last year the melt occurred on 2021 March 22nd at 3:21:24.

Is it colder this year?  




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