The following information can be obtained from the Baraga County Treasurer and will be available on line through this website link in the near future. We look forward to bringing you this information in electronic format as we continue to increase the web presence of Baraga County. For more information contact the Treasurer at 906-524-6100 Ext. 696.

Auctions are held twice each year for properties that are foreclosed on April 1 due to non-payment of property taxes. The first minimum bid auction occurs in September. The second no-minimum bid auction occurs in October.

The first auction for the year will be held on September 1st at…

Watersmeet Casino – Bingo Hall
N5384 US Hwy 45
Watersmeet, MI 49969

Registration: 11:00am
Auction: 12:00pm

The second no-reserve auction for the year will be in October.

The County Treasurer contracts with Title-Check, LLC to administer tax foreclosure auctions. Please visit their website, for more information. Parcel information, along with photographs of foreclosed properties will be available on Title-Check’s website approximately 30 days prior to the auction.

For more information regarding Mortgage Foreclosures, please visit the Sheriff’s Department.