Baraga County is a place where one can combine the awe-inspiring beauty of the nature that surrounds the area with the modern resources and amenities that you would expect from one of Michigan's Upper Peninsula's best kept secrets.

Go! Baraga County is a strategic plan for job creation in Baraga County, Michigan. Download our PDF here to learn more.


Baraga County’s location affords many the opportunity to enjoy the pristine waters of Lake Superior, while being in the protected shores of Keweenaw Bay. This beautiful bay is rich with history, beginning in the early 1800s as a  major port of trade for fur pelts, fish and timber. The natural resources that surrounded Keweenaw Bay allowed the region to experience  early sources of economic wealth and prosperity. As time went on the bay continued to be the major driving force behind the growth and development of what we now call Baraga County. Today you will see fisherman and pleasure boaters sharing those clear Superior waters and reaping the benefits that all those who have lived along Keweenaw Bays shores have experienced.

Baraga County


Intention Yoga and Wellness Fair

When: Sat Sep 20, 2014
Where: At the Wellness Center 4 Meador Street, L’Anse. MI
Description: Event Description:
Call to Vendors –
Spaces available at the Grand Opening Celebration for Intention Yoga featuring their WELLNESS FAIR!

The first IYWC Wellness Fair, a seasonal event, will be offered this September featuring healthy, holistic and artistic local businesses.

Intention Yoga and Wellness Center

Location: 4 Meador Street, L’Anse. MI

Date: Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Time: 10 am to 6 pm

Cost $50 per outdoor space

Contact for more info:

Shanel LeRue

(906) 201-1272

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